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BoJo and JoJo’s media no-no

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They share the trademark blond barnet but the Johnson brothers seem to have little else in common.  But do BoJo and JoJo share the same media adviser?

At first glance it would seem unlikely… Boris certainly – rightly or wrongly – grabs more headlines with the latest foot in mouth gaff apparently insulting the Irish. After his ill advised comments about Liverpool, then Portsmouth, it seems that he can’t even make a crass joke about buggering Bognor without conjuring up a media storm.

Jo on the other hand is meeker and less controversial than his older brother. Even he told the BBC:

Well he is very flamboyant and charismatic. I’m much more low key and, dare I say it, more focused and serious minded.

However, reading the Evening Standard on February 9, I had difficulty in telling them apart. In the Standard article, which has strangely disappeared from the website, Boris speaks to Jemima Khan under a headline ‘So, Teflon Boris, how do you keep getting away with it?’ It reads:

Having worked as a journalist for most of his adult life, “endlessly attacking people who would try to take tough decisions and make the world better”, he is painfully aware of what makes the headlines… “In the end, it wasn’t satisfying because I was being cruel sometimes, just sort of sitting there lobbing rocks over people’s walls and causing a great deal of dismay without actually having to put myself in the firing line. I thought it was fundamentally unfair.”

This answer seemed awfully familiar to one that Boris’s baby brother gave to me, when working at the esteemed organ, the Bromley Times in 2009:

I know very well that as a journalist it is easy to throw stones but there comes a point that you have to stand up and see whether you can do any better.

As Private Eye would say, Just Fancy That!

Written by investik8

February 24, 2012 at 12:02 pm

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